Your donations make our ministries possible!

We Need You

Your donations make our ministries possible! image




We Need You

We can't do it without YOU!

Interfaith Ministries needs your help to continue providing the following programs to those in need in Calhoun County.

  • Adult Dental Clinic

John works part time as a waiter, has no insurance and a molar that has a crack and a cavity. He got this tooth pulled at the clinic and was able to go back to work.

  • Christmas Clearing House

This single mother with four young children was able to get something special for each of them at Christmas from Christmas Clearing House.

  • Emergency Assistance

Monique, a 65 year old widow received assistance paying her power bill and was able to keep the lights on and the air conditioning cooling.

  • Meals On Wheels

Sherri's can rest easy knowing her elderly parents are getting a hot meal each weekday at noon

  • SenioRx

Dennis has Medicare but he has reached his limit for the year. SenioRx helps Dennis get his medicine free from the manufacturer.

  • The Open Door

Mark and Susan come to Interfaith each Monday for a hot cup of coffee and a shower. They live on the street and are happy to have a safe place to be when the weather turns harsh.

  • Integrative Health Coaching

Helping clients consider all aspects of their lives to become an active participant in their healthcare journey.