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Monique is a working, single mother with two daughters aged 8 and 12. She doesn't have a lot of extra money at the end of the month but she's been getting by and taking care of her family. Last month, she was out of work for two weeks when her 8 year old was ill and her car needed 2 tires.

That's all it takes. Just a couple unexpected instances that throw everything in your budget out of whack. Monique has hit up friends and family to get the rent paid. She managed to get the water and gas bill taken care of but she arrives at Interfaith Ministries with a disconnect notice from the power company. She's sure next month she can get on track if she can just get a little help.

Interfaith Ministries takes the money received from generous donors like YOU and puts those demonstrations of your faith to work helping neighbors in need like Monique.

The Open Door, The Adult Dental Program, The SenioRx Program, Meals on Wheels, The Christmas Clearing House and the Emergency Assistance Program- this is hoe we Bring God's People Together to Serve God's People in Need.

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